Alia Pulungan
2 min readAug 19, 2022

This is some kind of jokes

Your entire life full of bullshit

Telling everyone that you’re in charge

You just grounded by life pushing you down

And you lift up your head arrogantly

Who can really trust you?

When every single words you said is garbage

Irresponsible with your own life

It’s sounds like a familiar name

Here it is the revenge for your self

You are not good, not good

You never understood

You expected me to stay and on and on

Tell me more till i’ve had enough, go on

Hey Mr. Man, can you just leave me alone?

I never know you now, never

But I know where you lead me

Lead me nowhere, empty, and dumb

And all I can get is just a fake reality

It’s start cracking, and crumble, and burns

I’m naked by your moron thoughts

You left me with nothing, just piece of shit

I tried to settle you, but you keep making me down

And it’s getting worst than ever

And you confidently stood by me

I’m despair, I’m desire, I am a dream

But you burning it all till ashes

My mouth get dry to smile but deep inside lost

There’s nothing left to show what love is

In the blossom of the months, I swallowed all of this

But there’s nothing that make me cured

You are really a thing, a thing that cannot change

You can’t take me anywhere but only in the dark

You only a hurricane that destroy everything

And I’m done being two faces around you

Cause now I know you’re nothing

Nothing to fighting for, you’re just a mess

That’s what most people do. Now you are one of them

It is never meant. Never meant to be.

Better you suck it, now I left you with nothing

There’s nothing left to stood beside you

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing



Alia Pulungan

What should I say? You know me from my words written down there. (This is my own works. No copying, anti plagiarism).