Alia Pulungan
2 min readJul 18, 2022


A girl drowning into something she doesn’t recognize and repeating.
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Once I found a perfect treasure

I’ve been looking this for so long

It’s hidden underneath the ground

I know that this is what I dreamt about

For the last couple years

I just stared at it without blinking

I think that it’s a genuine thing

In the beginning I felt that i’m winning

I kept polishing ‘til its shining

Brighten my day by day from sorrow

I think that it would be everlasting

But it turns out that I just kept drowning

From the thing that even it isn’t real

I woke up and it’s just my imagination

I’ve been keeping a “dream” for so long

Then I looking out through the window

I don’t see anything except shadow

But now I’ve forgive myself and accepting

That I never be a winner in this life

Tho, I know I’m the main role of my own story

Holding up onto something I don’t recognize

It’s really tense and weirdly I tolerate this

Day turns into dark, night but lot of stars

Guiding me into the light I never saw before

I feel relaxed and calmed, but I’m panic!

Is it real? That this is make any sense?

Cause I guess I’ve been dreaming for too long

And keeping the unreal thing for forever

But then I wake up and it’s all just a dream

So which is the real one?

Cause I kept waking up from a dream

I think I trapped.. I think I can’t get out of this

Get out from my own head..



Alia Pulungan

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